About Take Me
“Making Destinations Easier”
to be the
“Largest Commuter Transit Marketplace”
By providing customers
“Choice of Diverse Modes of Commuting”
through an ecosystem of
“Reliable Partners and Alliances”
What Inspires Us
  • When a 30 kms distance takes an hour to travel
  • When stuck in Traffic the sound of Honking overtakes the sound of thoughts
  • When there are no Women focussed transit solutions that are safe and secure
  • When vehicles add to traffic and pollution rather than making commute comfortable and within shorter time
  • When the common man spends more time in overflowing public transport rather than working hours
TakeMe is professional team of Entrepreneurs who have come together to build a Scale-able and Profitable company. The Core Founding team has more than a decade experience in Areas of Enterprise Building, Operations, Technology and HR functions. With a focus on Customer Service, the company is poised to achieve both short term and long term benefits.
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